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Document Certification

Document Certification is having a person, called a Trusted Referee, confirm that the documents you provide to us match the original versions and belong to you. It helps us to make sure we’re lending money to you, and not someone pretending to be you.
Photocopy your document(s). Take the photocopy and the original document to a Trusted Referee. They will compare the copy to the original, and if the document has your photograph on it, they’ll compare that photograph to you.

You can contact the following Trusted Referees to verify your original documents

  • A Member of the Police;
  • A Justice of the Peace;
  • A lawyer, solicitor, or barrister;
  • A Notary public;
  • A Member of Parliament;
  • A Chartered Accountant; or
  • A person who has the legal authority to take statutory declarations.

Also, your chosen Trusted Referee must:

  • Be 16 years old or more;
  • Not related to you;
  • Not be your spouse or partner;
  • Not live with you; and
  • Not involved in the transaction or business requiring the certification.

The certification needs to:

  • Include the trusted referee’s name, signature, and their position or role (which indicates their capacity to act as a trusted referee);
  • Include a statement from the trusted referee that the document(s) provided is a true copy of the original, and represents the identity of the named individual.
You can, as long as the certification was done within the last 3 months.