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The eMoney app makes it easier for you to access your Purple Visa Card account on the go. From checking your balance, tracking your spending, blocking your card, through to managing your card. The eMoney app is available to all Main Cardholders.

track spending

Track your spending

Track your transactions, check your balance, download your statements and view your Purple Dollar balance.


Block your Card

Misplaced or lost your Card? Place a temporary block on your Card for peace of mind while you search for it.


Biometric login feature

You now have the option of using biometrics to log in faster and more securely.

Download the eMoney app at the iOS App Store or Google Play.

How to get started


Register for eMoney (web version)

For Main Cardholders only. If you’re not registered for eMoney through the Purple Visa Card Website, you will need to register by completing the first time login at emoney.co.nz. Once you have registered, you can log in to the eMoney app.

If you’re not already registered with eMoney, complete the first time log in at emoney.co.nz and then you can log in on this app.

If you have any questions, please email them to info@purplevisa.co.nz 


Check your device

Your device will need to be iOS 14.0+ or Android 7.0+ to use the eMoney app. Alternatively you can use our web version emoney.co.nz


Download the app

Download the eMoney app at the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Things you should know

Please read our eMoney app Terms and Conditions to understand your rights and obligations.