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Manage my Purple Visa credit card

A few things to help manage your card

We know our customers have busy lives so we’ve enabled Contactless as another method of payment to your Card. Contactless payment is a secure technology that will help you spend less time at the checkout.

To pay for transactions under the Contactless payment limit in New Zealand just wave or tap your credit card in front of a Contactless terminal and it will automatically process your transaction – there’s no need for a signature or PIN. For transactions over the Contactless payment limit, you’ll be required to enter your PIN. Check out the FAQ section for the current limit.

We know card security is important. Here are some ways you can be confident when making purchases:

Visa Secure

Your card is protected by Visa Secure which is an additional security feature for online shopping at participating sellers. Whenever you shop online using a seller who is also enrolled with Visa Secure, the system makes sure that you are the person shopping with your credit card by verifying your identity. All Purple Visa Card customers are automatically enrolled in this free service. Go to visa.co.nz for more information.

Your card has a chip

Your credit card has a microchip embedded within, which turns your information into a unique code when used at any EFTPOS terminal. This makes it difficult for anyone to copy and gives your card added security against fraud.

Now that you’ve received your card, there are a few things we need you to do before you can use it.

  • Read the Purple Visa Card Terms and Conditions and Rates and Fees again to familiarise yourself with your obligations and our expectation in using your Purple Visa Card – you can view them here.
  • Sign your card in the signature panel on the back as soon as it arrived.
  • To activate our card, you can do it on our mobile app or you can log into our web version of eMoney. If it’s your first time logging in, click on the ‘First time login’ link and follow the prompts.
  • Once you’ve logged in, activate your card by loading a Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your card. You’ll need your customer number and your mobile phone handy. A Key Code will be sent to your mobile to help verify your identity.

Alternatively, you can activate your card and set up your PIN by calling our Customer Experience Team on 0800 801 808.

Please note: Only the Main Cardholder can log into eMoney to activate their card. If you’re an Additional Cardholder, please call our Customer Experience Team on 0800 801 808 to activate your card.

Here are a few tips for setting your new PIN for your card:

  • choose a 4 digit number that you can remember
  • don’t use numbers that are easily identified with you personally, such as your birth date, address or phone number
  • don’t use repeated numbers e.g. 4444
  • don’t use consecutive numbers e.g. 1234
  • your PIN mustn’t be the last or first 4 digits of your card number or customer number
  • don’t write down your PIN (this includes storing it on your mobile phone)

You can change your PIN through our eMoney Mobile app, or by logging into our web version of eMoney.

Visa Checkout is a simple online payment service which allows you to pay for your online shopping quickly.

With Visa Checkout you no longer need to have your Purple Visa Card close by while shopping online, meaning you’ll spend less time filling out forms with your payment and shipping address details.

Shopping online has never been so convenient!

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