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Card Management

You can activate your credit card through:

  1. Our eMoney Mobile app, or
  2. By logging into our web version eMoney

Once you are logged in, you can set a Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your card.

Alternatively, you can activate your credit card and set up your PIN by calling our Customer Experience Team on 0800 801 808.


eMoney is a secure online service centre where you can easily access and manage your Card Account. You can access eMoney by downloading our Mobile app or you can log into our web version. You can do things like:

  • Block your card (available only on the Mobile app)
  • Activate and load a Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your credit card;
  • Change the PIN on your card;
  • Request for an Additional Cardholder to be added to your Card Account;
  • View your transactions; and
  • View your statements.

We’ve already registered you for eMoney. All you’ll need to do is set up a password.  Here’s how you get started:

  1. Log into eMoney and click on the ‘First time login’ link.  You’ll need to enter your customer number (located in the bottom left hand corner on the back of your credit card) and have your mobile phone number handy.
    Note: Your mobile number should be the number you gave us when you applied for a credit card.  If your number has changed, you’ll need to call us

  2. You’ll receive a Key Code via text message to your mobile phone, which you will be prompted to enter online.

  3. You’ll then be asked to set up a new password. Next time you log in, all you’ll need is your customer number and your password.

In order to protect your account and personal information you must not provide your password to anyone.  When you speak with us, we won’t ask for your password.

Please note, Additional Cardholders won’t have access to eMoney.  Additional Cardholders can call us to ask for information about the Card Account, if the information is about their Transactions, or Charges that relate to their Transactions.  They can also ask us what the account balance is.


If you’re having difficulty logging in, check that the information you have entered is correct and meets the below criteria:

Customer number
9 digits
Numbers only (no letters or special characters)
Can be found on the back of your credit card

Authentication Code
You should have been sent a Key Code to your mobile number – this will be sent to the mobile number you provided on your application. If you didn’t provide us a mobile number or your number has changed since your application, you’ll need to call us on 0800 801 808.

You can choose your own password
Needs to be a minimum of 8 characters and not have numbers and/or letters in consecutive order (eg. 1234 or abcd)

Re-enter password
This must be identical to the password you have entered in the password field.

If you’re still unable to log into eMoney please contact us on 0800 801 808.

We’ll send your statement once a month.

The only time we won’t send you a statement is if there’s been no activity on your account and your closing balance is $0.

No, for your security we’ll never send your statement to your email address.

If you’ve chosen to receive your statements online, we’ll send you a notification via email to let you know when your statement is available to view in eMoney.

If you’re still receiving your statements through the post but you’d rather receive them online, you can change your preference in eMoney and we’ll stop sending your statements through the post

To view or print copies of your credit card statements online, go to eMoney and:

  1. click on ‘statements’ from the top menu’

  2. under ‘select account’ click and select from the drop-down the credit card statement you want to view;

  3. under ‘statements from last search’ select the drop down statement date you would like to see; and

  4. below your selection choices you will find your statement available to view.
Yes, you can print your statement. You’ll need to have a PDF Reader installed on your computer and/or device. This type of software comes pre-installed on most devices but if you don’t have one already installed you can download it free, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Yes, you can use your credit card overseas wherever Visa is accepted. We do recommend that you inform us when you are going overseas – this will help us identify if there are any suspicious transactions on your account.

Some fees apply when you use your credit card overseas. Please refer to the Rates and Fees associated with your credit card for a complete list of fees for overseas transactions.

The Contactless payment feature on your card cannot be disabled, however you don’t have to use this feature. Just continue to insert the card into the EFTPOS terminal and use your PIN.

Contactless payment method is a safe way to pay. To make a Contactless payment, wave or tap your credit card in front of a Contactless terminal. Contactless payment only works when your card is placed within four centimetres of the Contactless terminal and is for transactions under the Contactless payment limit in New Zealand. Any transactions above that amount will require you to enter your PIN. Please note when using your card overseas a different threshold amount may apply to Contactless payments and you may be asked to enter your PIN or sign for your transactions.

If you want to close your account, please let us know through:

  • eMoney(via Secure Message); or
  • Call us on 0800 801 808; or
  • Send us an email; or
  • Send a letter to us at: Purple Visa Card, PO Box 1204, Invercargill, 9840

Things to note:

  • Before we can close your account, you’ll need to repay any amount owing on your account in full.
  • You’ll need to cancel any automatic payments you set up to pay the account.
  • If you’ve authorised any sellers to debit your credit card, you’ll need to make new arrangements with them before you close your account otherwise the payment will be declined.
  • You’ll need to pay us any Charges that are debited after the cancellation date too, if any Transactions or other Charges such as interest haven’t been processed before then.
  • Cut your credit card in half (especially the chip)


The fastest and easiest way to update your contact details is by calling us on 0800 801 808 during business hours. However, if you’re unable to call us, send us a message through the below channels and we’ll contact you:

  • eMoney (via Secure Message); or
  • Send us an email; or
  • Send a letter to us: Purple Visa Card, PO Box 1204, Invercargill, 9840

Yes, you can make:

  • 3 withdrawals of up to a total of $800 in any one day; or
  • a total of $1,500 in 3 days; or
  • a total of $2,500 in one week

However, some ATMs or financial institutions may have their own limits on the amount of cash you can withdraw, so it could be less.

If you withdraw cash, you’ll be charged interest on that amount immediately from the date you withdraw that cash. You’ll continue to be charged interest on that cash withdrawal until you’ve repaid it in full.

For all Rates and Fees that may apply to your account, please refer to our current Rates and Fees associated with your credit card.

You can apply to have your credit card limit increased if:

  • you are the Main Cardholder and request the increase;
  • we believe you can afford it;
  • the increase meets our normal lending criteria; and
  • you have made at least 6 consecutive payments of more than the Minimum Amount Due.

You’ll have to provide us with information about your income and your regular monthly expenses, so we can reassess your current financial position.

Call us on 0800 801 808 or send us a Secure Message via eMoney to apply.

You can request a decrease on your credit limit by calling us on 0800 801 808 or sending us a Secure Message via eMoney.

Please note, the minimum credit limit on the Purple Visa Card is $1,500.