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Visa Checkout

A simple, easy and safe way to pay when shopping online with
your Purple Visa Card

How does Visa Checkout work?


Register your Purple Visa Card with Visa Checkout

Find A Merchant

When shopping on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop – keep a look out for the Visa Checkout button at payment.


Then all you need to do is log in and confirm your payment.

All Done

Enjoy the time savings and added security of Visa Checkout!

What is Visa Checkout?

Visa Checkout is a simple online payment service which allows you to pay for your online shopping quickly.

With Visa Checkout you no longer need to have your Purple Visa Card close by while shopping online, meaning you’ll spend less time filling out forms with your payment and shipping address details.

Shopping online has never been so convenient! Just look out for the Visa Checkout button:

Visa Checkout

What does this mean for you?

  1. Visa checkout will save your payment and shipping address details for your next online shop – so easy!
  2. You don’t have to have your credit card close by while shopping online – saving you time
  3. Most importantly Visa will keep all your account information for your Purple Visa Card safe and secure. And because more and more companies trust Visa with their transactions, retailers are adding the Visa Checkout service to their shopping sites all the time.

NOTE: By creating an account, you agree to Visa Checkout’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You also accept Visa Checkout’s Electronic Communication Policy, and agree to receive account notices via email or electronically instead of by mail.